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Chartering a superyacht in Spain is one of the best experiences you can have in the Mediterranean.

The best regions to charter a luxury yacht in Spain

Spain is a true luxury yacht paradise filled with areas where superyachts and megayachts can easily moor. Several regions are ideal to charter a luxury yacht in Spain. The Costa Brava, the Costa Blanca and the Balearics are among the most popular destinations. But do not underestimate cities such as Barcelona that are also prime destinations if you want to discover European culture.

Discovering the culture during your Superyacht Charter in Spain

Spanish culture is rich, and we recommend you to experience it during your luxury yacht charter. The food in Spain is exquisite and each region has its own specialities for you to discover. In most yacht-friendly destinations, you will find top-notch restaurants where delicious food is served in front of unique landscapes. The cities are also filled with history and have great architecture that will make you immerse in their glorious past. On top of it, Spain is a great destination to party on your superyacht as well, and even to join parties while on land. 

Superyacht itineraries in Spain

Many itineraries are at your disposal in Spain, and you’ll likely want to do them all. Picking one will be hard. From Valencia, you can sail south to the Costa del Sol or north to the Costa Blanca. From Barcelona you can easily sail south to Costa Blanca or across to some of the isolated bays of the Balearic Islands. Alternatively, an embarkation from any of the Balearics ; Mallorca, Menorca or Ibiza are an excellent starting point to sail to Barcelona or Valencia. It’s really up to you, there is not one luxury yacht itinerary to fit everybody.

Best time to charter a luxury yacht in Spain

Spain is a sunny destination all year round. The high season runs usually from May to September, which is the period that guarantees you the best weather. But other months can also be great times to charter a yacht in Spain, especially if you want to stay away from the crowd.

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