Superyacht charter Pacific Ocean

Superyacht charter Pacific Ocean

Pacific Ocean

The destinations in and along the coasts of the Pacific Ocean are an ideal luxury yacht charter. This is not only because of the pleasant tropical climate, great beaches and palm trees, but also because of the diversity and beauty of the landscapes, the richness of the local cultures and above all the friendliness of the local people and safety to travel. It's not difficult to call it a "Holiday Paradise".

The eastern parts of the South Pacific, such as French Polynesia and the Cook Islands, are distinctly Polynesian. 
New Caledonia is located in the western section of the South Pacific between Vanuatu and Australia. Travel to New Caledonia is easy - just a 2 hour 30 minute flight from Sydney, and thus a convenient holiday destination for many Australians and New Zealanders.
Samoa and Tonga are both also predominantly Polynesian. Fiji is predominantly Melanesian, though it does have a Polynesian community, especially on the island of Kioa. To the west of Fiji, the Melanesian culture persists. All of the nations have good percentages of people of European, Chinese, Indian heritage. 

When early European explorers travelled through the South Pacific a few hundred years ago, the islands conveyed an exotic paradise of romance and intrigue. That ambience still exists today and continues to entice many travellers, especially those looking for exotic and romantic luxury yachting destinations.

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