Superyacht charter Panama

Superyacht charter Panama


Located in the heart of the Americas, between Costa Rica and Colombia - surrounded by both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean lies Panama. Panama is best known for its Panama Canal, an artificial waterway connecting the Atlantic Ocean/Caribbean Sea, to the north and the Pacific Ocean to the south. This unique and beautiful destination is the ideal place to admire an incomparable diversity of marine life and ecosystems ...


The coast of Panama is also dotted with a large number of islands and islets, the most fascinating of which are the islands of San Blas, Coiba and the Archipelago of Las Perlas. Your cruise aboard a yacht in Panama will allow you to discover the most beautiful coastal landscapes, but you will also enjoy the warm welcome and the generous smile of the local population. Inland, vast expanses of forest are home to exceptional wildlife.


The San Blas Archipelago has been voted the third most beautiful destination in the world by circumnavigators. The most beautiful and spectacular of Panama is located on the Caribbean coast, off the beaten track: the archipelago of San Blas, Kuna Yala in Kuna Indian. A real postcard of  beauty with turquoise waters and spectacular coral drop offs. You can sail in the middle of the 365 islands and stop in solitary anchorages or in front of a desert island on a background of mountains covered with forests.


Choosing a yacht charter from the Archipelago of Las Perlas is essential if you want to explore wild and authentic islands. Your first stop will be on the island of Isla Del Rey or King's Island. Isla Del Rey is just one of the few hundred islands and islets that make up the Pearl Islands. While the most curious will discover these islands, mostly uninhabited, lovers of relaxation will allow themselves a moment of idleness on the white sandy beaches in wild coves.


The Pacific coast is also home to some marvels not to be missed. First we will mention Punta Chame beach. This white sand beach will delight fans of windsurfing, jet skiing and wakeboarding. Diving enthusiasts and nature lovers are invited to leave Punta Chame to sail to Coiba Island. This beautiful island and its atolls will make you live unforgettable moments! Lush nature, translucent sea, coral reef, magisterial sunset so many words that are the dream of lovers of yacht rentals.


What a change of scenery to travel Panama and her islands by boat!

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