Superyacht charter Corsica

Superyacht charter Corsica


A Luxury yacht charter in Corsica is the best way to discover this unique sailor’s paradise.

Corsica : a unique yacht charter destination

Corsica is a wild and rugged island located in the Mediterranean, it has many deserted coves and sandy beaches lapped by crystal-clear waters to explore and many of them are only accessible by sea.

Anchorages are usually secluded, often against a backdrop of a stunning cliff or mountain. Many small and picturesque harbours are also available to moor, buy fish fresh or as a break to explore inland. 

More world class marinas are also available in Corsica, with facilities to accommodate the hundreds of luxury yachts that cruise its coasts during the summer season from April to October.

Cities in Corsica are filled with history, luxury boutiques, starred restaurants and a vibrant nightlife.

Corsica is truly a destination that has it all when it comes to yacht charters. A mix of adventure and sophistication that you won’t find anywhere else.

Must-see during your yacht charter in Corsica

Ajaccio is the main city in Southern Corsica and a must-see to explore the culture of this unique island. Luxury boutiques, restaurants and international airports, whether you want to step into Napoleon history, visit the old town with the towering Citadelle, reach Corsica or indulge in some delicacies with a breathtaking view on the bay, it will be hard to avoid stopping at least once in this emblematic city.

Porto Vecchio is one of the most visited cities in Corsica. Porto Vecchio lies a few miles north on the Eastern coast and offers many sparkling-white beaches such as San Ciprianu, Palombaggia, Santa Giulia, with trendy beach restaurants overlooking the turquoise waters . Porto Vecchio also boasts the largest open-air discotheque in Europe hosting famous Djs during the summer and a busy town centre full of shops, restaurants and bars.

Calvi, further up the coast, is also an old fortified town where you can feel the influence of the French Riviera. It offers summer visitors quite a few festivals, the most famous being the International Pyrotechnic Festival, along with heaven-like beaches and nearby natural reserves to explore on your yacht.

Bonifacio is a very scenic city at the southern tip of Corsica, facing Sardinia. With its white limestone cliffs diving into the blue of the ocean, Bonifacio remains a favorite among visitors, whether they admire the city from the top of the cliff or from the comfort of their yacht.

Our advices for yacht rental in Corsica

Corsica is great for all sorts of boats. Motoryachts enthusiasts will appreciate mooring comfortably in its most luxurious marinas, while those seeking adventure in Corsica waters can easily find what they are looking for on a monohull. Catamarans are also a great option for Corsica, especially if you plan on mooring in bays rather than marinas.

In high season, booking your berth in advance can be needed in the most popular marinas and islands of Corsica, as some can be filled with luxury yachts and the demand is very high.

If you want to discover a unique island and its culture in Europe, then there is nothing you can do wrong by choosing Corsica for your next yacht charter.

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