Superyacht charter Saint Lucia

Superyacht charter Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia

The island of Saint Lucia, located between Martinique and St. Vincent, is a glorious mix of volcanic sand beaches, translucent waters, sheltering reefs with tropical fish, lush rainforests, and a thriving culture of littérature, theatre and music.
Luxury yacht charter in St. Lucia give you access a variety of shopping experiences. Even if you are visiting for just one day for a diving experience it is worth a journey near the world-famous Piton Mountains, where you will find the shops and markets compatible with most needs and tastes. 
In addition, Pointe Séraphine, in Castries, has the most comprehensive collection of shops on the island, along with offices for car rentals, organised taxi service, a philatelic bureau and an information center. This market is particularly vibrant on Saturdays, especially during the St. Lucia Jazz Festival and Carnival. And the Rodney Bay Marina offers a modern luxury shopping arcade with a selection of stores including gift items, clothing, banking and restaurants. St. Lucia has also become the destination for the luxury yacht charterer looking for the truly unique golf getaway. 
St Lucia is the sort of tropical paradise that most luxury yacht charterers would dream about. A truly incredible vacation experience.

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