Superyacht charter Mediterranean

Superyacht charter Mediterranean


Few places can compete with the Mediterranean when it comes to luxury yacht charter. Southern Europe is without a doubt one of the main hotspots of the superyachts and luxury yachts itineraries in the world, and it’s easy to know why.

The luxury yacht charter experience in the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean has a truly unique culture : food, architecture and arts are everywhere on your yacht charter itinerary. The region is also one of the most picturesque in the world, with landscapes that can leave you speechless. The sun is present all year round and temperatures are warm enough to enjoy your luxury yacht charter, even during the shoulder or the off-season.

Marinas in the Mediterranean are among the best in the world. Whether you are hopping to the French Riviera, Italy or in the Balearics, you’ll always find yourself in world class amenities, and close to the best places to eat, shop or party.

A luxury yacht charter is clearly one of the best ways to discover the Mediterranean.

Best yachts to charter in the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean is a versatile option for all types of yachts.

The biggest superyachts can easily find a spot in the most prestigious marinas, although they might not be the only contenders in the highest season. It is also possible to discover the Mediterranean on a luxury catamaran and moor in secluded bays along your Mediterranean itinerary.

For a true romantic and timeless experience, we can’t recommend you enough to charter a luxury sailboat to discover the Mediterranean region in an authentic fashion.

Best time to charter a superyacht in the Mediterranean

It is possible to charter a yacht all year round in the Mediterranean.

Summer in the Northern hemisphere, between June and September, is by far the most popular option for superyacht charters. The weather is sunny and warm, and that’s when the social and nightlife of Southern Europe is at its peak. Of course, it is also the busiest season as many countries in Europe are holidaying in the same weeks.

The shoulder season in Spring or Autumn is also a great option for a luxury yacht charter in the Mediterranean. It is less busy than in summer, and the prices tend to be cheaper. The weather is still warm enough for you to fully enjoy your superyacht charter.

The winter is also an option if you want to charter a yacht in a quiet Mediterranean region, even if it means sacrificing a bit of warmth for your exploration.

Our advices for your luxury yacht charter in the Mediterranean

Chartering a yacht in the Mediterranean region is an opportunity to discover a big part of Southern Europe. We highly recommend you to plan an itinerary that would allow you to move in this unique playground. Many regions are begging to be explored: the French Riviera, the Amalfi Coast, the Balearics, Greece, Croatia or even Montenegro.

Keep in mind that regardless of the yacht you charter, you might need to book in advance for the Mediterranean as popular boats and spots in the most famous marinas can be in high demand during the high season.

Our destinations available in the Mediterranean

Unsure about your next luxury yacht charter destination in the Mediterranean? Explore our popular destinations in the region.


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