Superyacht charter Guadeloupe

Superyacht charter Guadeloupe


Luxury yacht charter in Guadeloupe has long been a must for Caribbean enthusiasts. It must be said that Guadeloupe has something for every boat lover, whether they like catamarans, motor boats or even sailing boats.

Guadeloupe: an ideal destination for yacht and boat charter

Guadeloupe is a butterfly-shaped island, surrounded by an archipelago of sun-drenched beaches and surrounded by tropical forest. With its lagoons and quiet coves, steady easterly winds and protected sailing from the sea, the island is a true paradise for yachting.

Yacht charter in Guadeloupe: a unique experience

Luxury yacht charter in Guadeloupe allows you to enjoy the natural beauty of the island and its shores while benefiting from all the advantages of the mainland.

Saint François is a popular port in Grand-Terre, where many luxury yachts come to anchor to enjoy the luxury marina and stroll along the fashionable shops and cafes and restaurants nearby.

However, the other natural attractions of Guadeloupe are only a stone's throw away when you charter a boat in Guadeloupe. You are never far from the best of the archipelago, such as Marie Galante, Les Saintes and La Désirade. 

Renting a yacht in Guadeloupe means that you can go from the city and luxury to nature, diving and fresh air in a few minutes.

The best boats to charter in Guadeloupe

Thanks to its unique shape and multiple sailing options, Guadeloupe is suitable for any boat you want to charter. 

Rent a catamaran in Guadeloupe

Renting a catamaran to explore Guadeloupe and its coastline is a very popular option. Catamarans come in both sail and motor propulsion and have vast living spaces that will be a great excuse to never leave when you find your own piece of paradise to anchor in Guadeloupe.

Chartering motor superyachts in Guadeloupe

Motor yachts for hire are also great options for visiting Guadeloupe. They allow you to move quickly around the archipelago and to benefit from a large living space. You can feel at home in every cove of Guadeloupe.

Renting a luxury sailing boat in Guadeloupe

Luxury sailboats for rent in Guadeloupe are the best way to visit the archipelago for nautical purists. Elegant, sleek and spacious, these yachts allow you to explore the Caribbean in the most authentic way possible.

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