history of Privilege Catamaran

History of shipyard

In 1989, the shipyard was the European leader in the manufacture of cruising catamarans. It dominated the American market and became a reference in the profession. The shipyard won several awards: The International Quality Trophy (1992), the Boat of the Year in the United States (1995, 1996) with the Privilege 45 and 42.

Alain Rabineau took over the activities and the premises of Jeantôt Marine in 1996. Passionate sailor and owner of a Privilège 48, he develops the company under the name of Alliaura Marine. He confirms his position at the top of the range and the segment of the large units of more than 15 meters. With its experience in the construction of motor catamarans, the French manufacturer launched a new range in 1998, the Transcat.

In 2012, Alliaura Marine changed its name to Privilege Marine. The company has surrounded itself with a highly qualified team, most of whom have over 20 years of service.

The shipyard is known for its high-end quality, the robustness of manufacture, and the performance of its boats. Alliaura Marine has expanded its niche market by taking over the Kirié shipyard in 2000, manufacturer of Feeling sailboats. Some of Alliaura Marine's Feeling sailboats are available for charter.

Alliaura Marine has extended the Privilege multi hull series. It has launched new models such as the Alliaura Marine Privilege 465, which later became the Privilege 495.

Among other gems, Alliaura Marine created the Privilege 585, well known in the charter industry. Designed in 2006 for a professional activity, it has all the expected comfort. The Privilege 615 cruising catamaran was also created in 2006.

In 2012, Alliaura Marine changed its name to Privilege Marine. The company has surrounded itself with a highly qualified team, most of whom have over 20 years of service.

Since May 2017, Privilege Marine has been part of the world-renowned HanseYachts group.


How it started?

Privilege Catamaran is a French shipyard founded in 1996. Sailing enthusiasts and ocean lovers participated in its creation.

From the beginning, it has benefited from the reputation of the Privilege catamarans created by Philippe Jeantot. The latter is a double world champion in solo racing and the founder of the Vendée Globe. To accommodate his small family during his stopovers, he designed a cruising catamaran. Comfort, robustness, and safety were essential criteria.

In 1985, he created Jeantot Marine and exhibited his very first unit in Paris. It was more out of pride than out of a desire to get into the shipbuilding business. Several orders encouraged him to embark on this great adventure! Philippe Jeantot puts all his experience of sailing around the world to work in the design of the Privilèges series. Comfort, safety, and the pleasure of sailing are at the center of his concerns. The French company was also a pioneer in the field of motor catamarans and designed the Euphoria series.

Alliaura Marine now has nearly 3,000 units, all ranges included, sailing on all the seas of the world.


The Privilege’s flagship

The flagship is the Privilege 745, a refined, powerful, and bright sailboat. It is one of the most luxurious catamarans ever built in the world. Privilege 745 offers luxurious accommodation, a wide range of entertainment facilities, and toys.

In 2007, Alliaura Marine created Privilege 745's little brothers, Privilege 615 and Privilege 515.


Where are the current models built?

The shipyard is located in Sables d’Olonne & Lanester.


Available material

In 2006, the shipyard introduced carbon fiber construction to expand the product line. So, the Tresco Line was conceived in September 2006. These open motorboats are intended to be tenders for mega yachts or central units known as luxury dayboats.

Available boats
Catamaran, Sailing yachts

how much does it cost to buy from Privilege Catamaran ?

If you want to become the proud owner of a new Shipyard, you will find, for example, from 4 825 000€ a series 745.

If you prefer to turn to the second-hand market, you can count from 3 390 000€ for this same series 745.


Privilege Catamaran

Asking price

430 000 €


Privilege Catamaran

Asking price

695 000 €

how much does it cost to charter from Privilege Catamaran ?

You can charter a Privilege 745 in the Caribbean from 48 000€ per week.