history of Lagoon Catamaran

History of shipyard

Lagoon Catamaran was created in 1984 as a subsidiary specializing in multihulls. Lagoon Catamaran is now the largest catamaran shipyard in the world. They result from the alliance of talents and the know-how from CNB with that of the Bénéteau Group, a world leader in the production of pleasure boats. Lagoon has the widest choice of multihulls on the market with 9 sail models, 2 engine models from 12 to 24 meters.

How it started?

Lagoon shipyard started in 1934, creating sailing multihulls, among which the Lagoon 380 was their most successful model. They also built a few power catamarans, including the Lagoon Power 43 and the Lagoon Power 44, without forgetting the magnificent 77.

From the Lagoon 38 to the Lagoon 78, all the boats are comfortable, spacious, and sophisticated. Although they are all unique, each of the catamarans, sailboats, and powerboats is built according to the same spirit in order to offer harmony and coherence to the shipyard's enthusiasts. Thus, the yachts share the following promise: avant-garde design, innovation, performance, comfort at sea, safety, and reliability. More spacious than their peers, the Lagoons offer vast and welcoming spaces, aiming above all to privilege life on board.

The Seventy 7 & the Sixty 5 - the shipyard's flagship:

With the Lagoon 77, thanks to her innovation and extensive research, the shipyard has gone far beyond the simple codes of a cruising catamaran.

A haven of peace, this yacht represents the very elegance of reason. Creative design with pure lines perfectly combines interior and exterior spaces. A true masterpiece, she is a subtle combination of luxury, comfort, and style. Strictly designed according to the new expectations of the clientele, she has been imagined in such a way that each space offers a unique moment of life on board. 

With the stunning Sixty 5 launched in 2020, Lagoon has been stirring up curiosity and envy with the announcement of the new sailboat - the Lagoon 65. Unique in its range, it reinvents life on board, perfectly combining luxury and comfort with space and light. Sleek, eager for wind, precise and slender, she has been designed to offer better ergonomics in order to sail peacefully towards the known and the unknown.

A unique yacht, the Sixty 5 reinvents life on board and offers unique opportunities to give tradition and modernity to passengers.

Where are the current models built?

The yard is mainly located in Bordeaux and Vendée in France.

Available material

The furniture of the boats is manufactured in the brand's own cabinetry, according to an eco-responsible approach. In order to ensure environmental protection, all furniture panels are made of reconstituted wood. This sustainable commitment dates back to 2008, with the construction of the Lagoon 420 Hybrid, designed with solar panels and a programmed reduction in obsolescence.

The quality of Lagoon boats is all the more important as the care taken in the design is sophisticated and minimalist. A talented alliance, it's the result of a collaboration between the architects VPLP design (exterior design) and those of Nauta Design, in charge of the interior design.

Available boats
Catamaran,Sailing yachts,Motor

how much does it cost to buy from Lagoon Catamaran?

You can own a Lagoon Catamaran from 443 500€ for a Lagoon 46 and 2 000 000€ for a New Sixty 5.

If you opt for a second-hand ship, you will find them on the market from 250 000€ for a Lagoon 450F to 4 100 000€ for a Lagoon 77.

Superyacht charter LAGOON 450F



Asking price

540 000 €
Superyacht charter LAGOON 60



Asking price

On request
Superyacht charter LAGOON 52F Owner version

LAGOON 52F Owner version


Asking price

795 000 €
Superyacht charter LAGOON 46 Owner version 3 cabins

LAGOON 46 Owner version 3 cabins


Asking price

699 000 €
Superyacht charter LAGOON 51



Asking price

On request
Superyacht charter LAGOON 560 S2 5 cabins version

LAGOON 560 S2 5 cabins version


Asking price

1 195 000 €

how much does it cost to charter from Lagoon Catamaran?

Price of Lagoon catamaran for charter starts from 10 000€ per week for a Lagoon 52 up to 75 000€ for a Lagoon 77, plus expenses.

Superyacht charter FLOW


21 800 € per week
Superyacht charter ALTESSE


33 500 $ per week
Superyacht charter Diva


19 995 € per week
Superyacht charter Six Degrees

Six Degrees

25 000 € per week