Get ready to take a splash in the best superyacht pools in the world! From crystal-clear infinity pools to glass-bottomed swimming spots with breathtaking underwater views, the options are endless. Imagine yourself sunbathing on the deck of a 75-meter superyacht, sipping on a chilled cocktail while dipping your toes in a pool that seems to merge with the horizon. Or how about taking a morning swim in a pool that overlooks the stunning coastline of Croatia? Whether you prefer a sleek modern style or a more traditional design, there’s a superyacht pool to suit everyone’s taste.

The Atomic Superyacht: A Marvel of Technology

Introducing Atomic, a stunning 64-metre yacht that will catch your eye with her Monaco Red shade. This magnificent boat is truly unique among its sister ships, Sealion and Roma. The highlight of Atomic is her extraordinary spa pool, located on the sundeck aft. This pool is like no other, with its tiered structure and glass bottom. As sunlight hits the water, it creates a mesmerizing display of colorful, coral-like waves that beautifully cascade down to the dining area below. Right next to the pool, you’ll find a cozy lounge space with a gas firepit and a U-shaped bar, surrounded by comfortable custom seating. 

Octopus Superyacht: An Unparalleled Example of Luxury at Sea

Welcome aboard Octopus, the spectacular superyacht designed for the late Microsoft co-founder, Paul Allen. Measuring an impressive 126.2-metres, this luxurious vessel has been lavishly equipped with every amenity you can imagine. Among her remarkable features are two helicopters and a submarine. However, the star attraction is undoubtedly the heated, seven-metre freshwater swimming pool. With its unique glass bottom that transforms into a dance floor, you’ll feel like you’re floating on water. Adjacent to the pool, you’ll discover a fully-stocked bar, a mouth-watering pizza oven, and even a former music studio. The studio’s isolation booth provides the perfect ambiance for a DJ to create an incredible atmosphere.

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Christina O Yacht – A Sailing Wonder of the World!

The luxury yacht Christina O has gained recognition for her appearance in the hit series The Crown on Netflix. But this isn’t her first taste of the celebrity lifestyle. Originally built in 1943 and later renovated by the legendary Aristotle Onassis, she has entertained famous figures like Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra, Winston Churchill, and JFK. Impressive in more ways than one, Christina O boasts a stunning saltwater pool with a captivating Greek mythological minotaur mosaic. And if that wasn’t enough, the pool can even transform into a dance floor at the touch of a button.

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Luminosity Superyacht – Your Gateway to Unforgettable Luxury!

Welcome aboard the stunning Benetti build with her incredible wellness area. The crown jewel of this space is a spacious 30-square-metre swimming pool equipped with underwater speakers and an adjustable bottom. Made from mirror-polished stainless steel, the pool reflects the beautiful surroundings, blurring the line between the pool and the seascape. Above the pool, you’ll find a dazzling custom chandelier inspired by diamonds, creating a breathtaking sight when the sun shines on the water. And that’s not all – there’s also a four-degree plunge pool adorned with ice cube-themed visual elements, like mirror-backed acrylic “ice-cubes” and an acrylic ice cube accessory. 

Luxurious Relaxation on the M’Brace Yacht

Welcome to the luxurious swimming pool on the magnificent 74.5-metre M’brace (formerly known as Elandess). This pool not only has a sleek futuristic design, but it also perfectly complements the ship’s advanced technology. Measuring eight metres by 2.5 metres, this pool can hold an impressive 22 tonnes of fresh water. Hidden beams beneath the pool cleverly distribute its weight, ensuring the stability of the superstructure and hull. And that’s not all – thanks to two 280-millimetre diameter pipes, this pool can be emptied in just three minutes! The sundeck features a stunning skylight, allowing natural light to filter down to a circular staircase below deck, creating a dazzling effect as it dances off the mother-of-fleck details embedded in the plaster by DKT Artworks.

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Lady Fleur Yacht: A Vision of Opulence and Elegance on Water

Introducing the amazing pool on the 32.6-metre Lady Fleur! This one-of-a-kind pool also serves as storage for an 11-metre RIB tender. With a simple touch, the hydraulic submersible platform transforms into a spacious saltwater pool measuring five metres by two metres. Ingenious rotor arms keep the pool steady while on the move, preventing any water from spilling. This unique system, created by X-Treme Yachts, is truly one-of-a-kind. The pool was designed with the owner’s grandchildren in mind. When filled, it holds nearly 19 tonnes of seawater and you can adjust the depth from 0.3 to 1.5 metres. 

Ultimate Luxury and Relaxation on the Seasense Yacht’s Magnificent Pool Deck!

The magnificent Seasense yacht, known for its standout feature – an exceptionally large pool. The pool-centric design, created by the talented Cor D. Rover, caught the attention of Charles Cohen, the proud owner of three Rivas. Measuring ten metres long, 3.6 metres wide, and capable of holding a staggering 27,000 litres of water, this pool was designed to bathe every millimeter of Cohen’s masterpiece in sunlight. What sets Seasense apart is that her swimming pool is integrated into the hull itself, rather than being added later on, as is more common. And if you think the pool is impressive, wait until you hear this! The crew can easily convert the emptied pool into a basketball court using 22 panels conveniently stored in lower deck lockers. For even more excitement, a basketball hoop can be attached to the deck overhang at the front of the pool.

Experience the Ultimate in Luxury with the Tatiana Yacht’s Stunning Onboard Pool Oasis

The impressive 80-metre Tatiana, the stunning sister yacht to Bilgin’s iconic Leona. These yachts boast a striking, bullet-style exterior that’s sure to catch your eye. The highlight of Tatiana is its incredible two-level beach club, spanning 110 square metres and connected to the main saloon by a grand staircase. You’ll find pools on both decks, with the largest one situated on the lower deck. This impressive pool measures 8.5 metres long and three metres wide, featuring elegant glass columns, Carrara marble, and a backlit, blue agate floor. When the yacht is anchored, the aft door and two side terraces unfold, seamlessly connecting you to the magnificent ocean views. It’s worth noting that the water from both pools can be recycled and stored in a heating holding tank. 

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Kenshō Yacht: World-Class Pool on the Seas

Introducing the stunning 75-metre Kenshō yacht! This remarkable vessel was designed with both economy and efficiency in mind. The highlight of the yacht is her versatile aft deck, which offers a range of amenities including social seating, a dining area, a party space, and a pool area. Located on the lower deck, the pool area provides mesmerizing views at the same level as the ocean. Additionally, there is a spa pool with a cut-away glass side and a large sunbed, inspired by the graceful shape of a manta ray. The aft walls and stairs on the pool deck are designed to mimic the natural beauty of Arizona’s Antelope Canyon, appearing as if they were carved by the sea.

Grey Yacht: Experience the Epitome of Opulence and Style!

Welcome aboard the stunning 49.9-metre Grey yacht. With its timeless Paszkowski design, this yacht stands out from its sisterships Kinda and Olokun with its unique features, including a luxurious swimming pool. Customized by the owner, this Tankoa Yachts build boasts a spacious glass-sided swimming pool on the foredeck, accompanied by a state-of-the-art cinema screen. Relax on the sofa seating and immerse yourself in the ultimate entertainment experience with integrated speakers and surround sound from Focal and Naim, the renowned British-French brands.

The best yachts with jacuzzis onboard

Imagine the luxury of having a Jacuzzi on your own yacht. It’s not just a dream anymore!

Uncover our exquisite yachts featuring stunning jacuzzis that will take your relaxation to the next level.

O’ptasia for charter from 800,000€ + expenses. This 85-meter luxury yacht offers elegance, top-notch amenities, and exceptional service. Step aboard the O’Ptasia and indulge in a world of luxury. This yacht boasts a gym, spa, elevator, underwater lighting, beach club, helipad and jacuzzi. With spacious decks and a range of facilities, you’ll have plenty of options to relax and have fun. Onboard O’PTASIA, 12 passengers can enjoy 11 spacious guestrooms. These include a master suite, a VIP stateroom with a private theater, 6 double cabins, 2 twin cabins, and 1 convertible cabin. With a crew of up to 26, your luxury yacht experience is guaranteed to be comfortable.

Love Story for charter from 67,000€ + expenses. a luxurious sailing boat ready to embark on its maiden voyage in the summer of 2021. Step into the lap of luxury with 6 spacious ensuite rooms, including 2 grand master cabins, 2 triple cabins, and 2 double cabins. Each room is tastefully decorated in modern beige and gold tones, creating an elegant and inviting atmosphere. The beautifully furnished rooms combine light wood and vibrant colours to create a cheerful and peaceful ambiance. Delicate gold and silver accents, along with warm lighting, add a touch of modern sophistication to the intimate setting. If you’re looking for a break from the elements or the sun, our stunning saloon offers a cozy bar, lounge, jacuzzi and dining area.

Namaste Privilege catamaran for charter from $60,000 – an upgraded version of the renowned Privilège 745 series. With a spacious transom, enhanced speed, and increased capacity, this catamaran offers an unforgettable experience. Designed to provide elegance and comfort for up to 6 guests, NAMASTE features a stunning master bedroom in the heart of the yacht. Flooded with natural light from multiple hatches and windows, the owner’s cabin offers a king-size bed, ensuite shower, and workstation for your convenience. Come aboard the catamaran NAMASTE and unwind in our jacuzzi with a breathtaking view.

In conclusion, these splendid vessels are not only a testament to the latest advancements in superyacht design and technology, but they also provide guests with a luxurious, indulgent experience that is second to none. Whether you’re looking to explore exotic destinations or simply relax in the lap of luxury, these superyachts have it all.