Introducing Dilbar, an awe-inspiring superyacht stretching an impressive 157 meters (512 feet) from bow to stern! Crafted by the esteemed German shipbuilder Lurssen and making her grand debut in May 2016, Dilbar isn’t just about her grandeur; she boasts the title of the largest yacht by interior volume. 

Sure, Azzam may have a lengthier frame, but when it comes to sheer space and luxurious living quarters, Dilbar steals the spotlight with unmatched opulence. Step aboard and experience the pinnacle of nautical extravagance!

How much does the Dilbar superyacht cost?

Delivered in 2016, Lürssen‘s Dilbar is the world’s largest motor yacht in terms of gross tonnage. It’s also the most expensive, with an original price tag approaching $800 million. Weighing in at 15,917 tons, this 512-foot monolith is one of the most complex and demanding vessels ever built by the German yard. Dilbar features a classic profile and a light ivory hull with bronze accents. According to the US Treasury Department, the yacht is now worth between $600 and $700 million, with annual maintenance costs of around $60 million.

Who owns the Superyacht Dilbar?

The yacht Dilbar is owned by Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov

The yacht Dilbar is owned by Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov, who is also the president of the International Fencing Federation. Usmanov became a billionaire after the fall of the Soviet Union in the metallurgy and mining sectors. Since then, he has ventured into communications, publishing, and many other industries. He is currently among the top 100 richest individuals in the world.

Dilbar is one of the world’s largest yachts

At 156 meters in length, DILBAR ranks as the world’s 6th longest, surpassed only by:

  • M/Y DUBAI (162 meters)
  • M/Y ECLIPSE (162.5 meters)
  • M/Y FULK AL SALAMAH (164 meters)
  • M/Y AZZAM (180 meters)
  • M/Y REV OCEAN (182.9 meters)

However, she proudly takes its place as the 3rd widest yacht globally, with a beam of 23.5 meters, trailing just behind:

  • S/Y A (24.8 meters)
  • M/Y AL SAID (24 meters)

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Where is the Dilbar yacht currently located?

Dilbar yacht in the port of Antibes

For several years now, the superyacht Dilbar has been moored in the port of Antibes, France, on the famous Quai des Milliardaires, and has had to undergo a refit to accommodate her XXL dimensions. 

Immobilized in Germany, she would have been seized, according to Forbes, by the authorities as part of the freeze on Russian assets in the face of the war in Ukraine. Susanne Meinecke, spokeswoman for the city’s economic affairs department, denied this information to AFP.

Nearly 100 crew on board

Dilbar yacht french riviera cote d azur

The opulent Dilbar superyacht operates seamlessly thanks to a dedicated staff of 80, who are responsible for maintaining the vessel’s pristine condition and providing top-tier service to guests. For larger gatherings or special occasions, the team aboard Dilbar can expand to include up to 96 crew members

In full swing, the yacht has the capacity to accommodate up to 120 individuals, merging luxury with ample space for guests and crew alike.

Dilbar has one of the largest swimming pools on a yacht

Dilbar superyacht

The Dilbar superyacht boasts an expansive swimming pool, stretching 25 meters  in length and accommodating a staggering 180 cubic meters of water. This luxurious onboard feature is celebrated as the most substantial swimming pool ever incorporated into a superyacht’s design.

A garden on board Dilbar

Guests aboard have the unique chance to revel in a seaside-resistant garden filled with diverse grasses. Axel Massmann, the visionary German architect behind Yacht-Green, has selected Mediterranean flora for this verdant oasis, aligning with DILBAR’s usual voyage across the south of France, Spain, Sardinia, and Cyprus.

Opting for European botanic selections also cleverly circumvents the need for complex customs procedures for non-native plant varieties.

Dilbar has two helipads

Dilbar superyacht by night

Helipads are essential for seamless transportation between a ship and the shore. But Dilbar takes it a step further with not just one, but two helipads. The H175 helicopter can conveniently land and take off from the forward helipad at the bow of the yacht, or the second helipad located on the top deck flybridge aft.

Dilbar was built in 52 months

Lürssen and the project designers successfully constructed and delivered the superyacht Dilbar to its owner in just over four years, from contract signing to completion.

The Dilbar crew speaks 5 languages 

The crew on board speak various languages, including:

  • English
  • Italian
  • French
  • German
  • Russian

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