The South of France is renowned for its stunning coastline and picturesque marinas. From Cannes to Saint-Tropez, there are countless marinas dotted along the coastline that are popular with both locals and tourists alike. Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or simply looking to soak up the Mediterranean lifestyle, the marinas in the South of France offer something for everyone. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the top 10 marinas in the region, highlighting their unique features and what makes them stand out from the rest.

Monaco: Hercules Port – A Haven for Yachts and Sophistication

The port of Monaco is undoubtedly one of the most luxurious in Europe, located on the French Riviera, it is a luxurious marina that is a popular destination for both yacht owners and tourists alike. The protected waterway can hold 550 vessels, some of which are huge, over a surface area of 16 hectares. A ship of 135 meters in length can be accommodated because of the deep water (7 meters along the quays and 9 meters at the central pier) and huge evolution basin.

Monaco port : 6 Quai Antoine 1er 98011 Monaco, tél: +337 97 77 30 00

When you approach the Port of Hercules, announce yourself by VHF channel 12, indicating the name of the boat, its dimensions and the desired length of stay. This will allow the Port staff to be in immediate contact with you and to satisfy your wishes: A reception dock, located at the foot of the Green Lighthouse, is accessible to vessels less than 15 meters long.

Luxury Berths and World-Class Amenities of Monaco

The marina provides world-class amenities that include fuel stations, free wifi, and clean toilets. For those looking to indulge in some culinary delights, there are several restaurants and cafes nearby that offer some of the best cuisine in the region. From fine dining establishments to casual cafes, visitors can find a range of options to satisfy their gastronomic cravings. With its picturesque location and exclusive feel, the marina is best suited for those who are looking for a high-end boating experience. 

The marina is open to all types of boats, but it is particularly popular with superyacht owners. During the peak season, it can be difficult to find a spot in the marina, but the exceptional management team ensures maximum availability for visitors. While the marina comes with a high price tag, the services and amenities offered make it a worthwhile investment for anyone looking for the best marina experience in the region. Book a berth in Monaco here


2- Antibes Port Vauban: A Historic Harbor and Modern Marina on the French Riviera

For over 2500 years, the Port Vauban has mesmerized people from all walks of life. Its rich history and allure for both yachting enthusiasts and professionals have placed it on the map as a top destination in the world.

With a strategic location on the French Riviera, the Vauban port is a seamless blend of tradition and modernity. Its ongoing transformation program aims to further enhance its infrastructure and services, making it one of the top ports worldwide. Close to the second-largest airport in France, the port allures travelers from different parts of the planet. 

Antibes Port Vauban: Port Vauban avenue de Verdun, 06600, Antibes, tél: +33 4 9334 3030, email

The formal opening of Quai de Grande Plaisance in 1986, affectionately known as the “billionaires’ quay,cemented the Port Vauban’s iconic status as a hub for luxury yacht sailing. Today, the International Yacht Club d’Antibes offers an impressive 18 superyacht berths, accommodating vessels up to 160m in length.

Berths & services at the Port of Antibes

The port has a water area of approximately 62 acres, and a total capacity of 1501 berths and ability to accommodate vessels up to 160 meters, is the mecca of the Mediterranean for yachting and superyachting. 

The length of your stay, the size of your boat, and the time of year all affect our prices. Check out the multihull-specific prices if you have one, or get in touch with the port office for an estimate if you do.

Looking to book a berth in Port Vauban?To book a short- or long-term berth, fill in the online form.

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3- Discovering the Charm of Cannes Vieux Port: A Picturesque Harbor Steeped in History”

The Vieux Port de Cannes is a stunning location that embodies the true essence of the French Riviera. This historic and picturesque port is an elevated hub of luxury and sophistication, where the rich and famous come to dock their yachts and indulge in the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea. As you stroll along the harbor, you will be awed by the sight of the countless vessels and sailboats all bobbing in tandem as if in a choreographed dance. The quayside is lined with chic restaurants, stylish cafes, and fashionable shops, all adding to the vibrant and cosmopolitan atmosphere of this iconic harbor. 

Vieux-Port de Cannes: Promenade de la Pantiero, 06400 Cannes, tél: +33 (0)4 92 98 70 58, email:

Book a berth in the Vieux Port de Cannes

With 727 berths and 70 superyacht slips, this marina can accommodate vessels up to 459 feet in length and 16 feet in draft. Plus, with 24-hour security and a concierge at your disposal, you can rest easy knowing that your vessel is in good hands.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the beauty of Cannes from the comfort of your own berth. You can contact IGY marina to book your berth in Cannes 

4- Nice Port Lympia: A Hidden Gem on the French Riviera’s Eastern Shore

Discover the hidden gem of Nice’s harbor as you wander down from the castle hill. Known as Port Lympia – named after a nearby valley – this charming spot has a rich history dating back to 1748 when its construction was ordered by Charles Emmanuel III. 

Port de Lympia: Port de Nice, Quai Amiral Infernet, 06300 Nice, tél: +33 (0)4 93 217 217, email:

The port is a captivating blend of old-world charm and modern vibrancy, immersing you in the city’s culture. It’s the perfect place to add to your itinerary if you’re seeking an authentic, energy-filled experience in Nice.

Book a place at Nice Port Lymia

The port itself has a capacity of 503 boats on its pontoons and a reception area with 153 places available for stopovers. Boats up to 180 m can be accommodated and visitors can be assured that all their needs will be taken care of during their stay in the port.

The port of Nice offers a personalized welcome to all those who arrive and depart from its quays. Rigour, efficiency, and speed of intervention are guaranteed to allow travelers to set sail in complete serenity. 

Need help docking? No problem. Electrical or concierge services? They’re there for you. Keep your boat clean with cleaning and sewage pumping services, and use the forklift and crane for heavy-duty work. And when you need a break, enjoy an electric bike ride or a visit to the library. And if you’re in the mood for a delicious meal, don’t miss the nearby restaurants.

Discover the rates for booking a stopover or an annual contract at the magnificent Port of Nice by clicking here!

5-Historic Charm and Modern Luxury: Exploring the Port of Saint Tropez

Nestled on the glamorous French Riviera, the port of Saint Tropez is a true gem of the Mediterranean. With its quaint cobblestone streets, pastel-colored buildings, and chic boutiques, this picturesque port town oozes with historic charm and sophistication. But don’t let its old-world charm fool you – Saint Tropez is also a playground for the rich and famous, boasting some of the most luxurious yachts and upscale restaurants in the region. ISaint Tropez port is a nice place just to sip coffee, look at the fascinating history of Saint Tropez and explore some of its modern-day attractions, from world-class art galleries to bustling markets and vibrant nightlife. So, sit back and let us whisk you away on a journey to one of the most enchanting ports in the world.

Saint Tropez Harbour: 1 Quai de l’Epi, 83990 Saint-Tropez, tel: +33 (0) 494 566 870, email:

Booking a berth in Saint Tropez port

With a capacity of 734 moorings divided into two basins for an area of 9 hectares and a location in the heart of the village, the port of Saint-Tropez is one of the major hubs of call in the Mediterranean where innovation and quality of services make it one of the most renowned ports in the world.

The port has two online reservation systems: Navily, available 48 hours before the requested date and for boats with an overall length of less than 18 m, and Magelan eResa for boats with an overall length of more than 18 m. 

In the high season, a security guard is on duty 24 hours a day to ensure your safety. Need a place to park? The port offers on-site parking. And for those who want to grab a bite to eat or do some laundry, a restaurant and laundry facilities are also available. And for those arriving by helicopter, there is even a dedicated helipad. With all these facilities at hand, you are sure to have a comfortable and stress-free stay in the port of Saint-Tropez.

6-The Charms of Port Grimaud: The Little French Venice on the Côte d’Azur

Located on the stunning Côte d’Azur, Port Grimaud is a small town that exudes charm and character. Often referred to as the “little French Venice,” this picturesque port town boasts winding canals, colorful buildings, and an enchanting atmosphere that will transport you to another world. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the history of Port Grimaud, explore its quaint alleyways and picturesque bridges, and introduce you to some of the town’s best restaurants and cafes. Whether you’re a lover of history, culture, or just want to soak up the sun on the Mediterranean, Port Grimaud is a must-visit destination that will leave you enchanted and in awe.

Port Grimaud: 28 Rue du Fer À Cheval, 83310 Grimaud, tél: +33 (0)4 94 56 02 45

Pick a berth at Port Grimaud

Port Grimaud offers 3 marinas, with 838 permanent pontoon places and is a convenient port for all boats visiting the Gulf of Saint-Tropez. Offering moorings year-round with varying amenities, these marinas are the prime spot for any sea adventurer.

The marinas can admit yachts up to 30 meters, but the majority of berths are for small vessels. It’s essential to reserve a port in advance to ensure a smooth sailing experience. You can contact the local tourist office to book your spot in Port Grimaud.

7-Port of Garavan in Menton: a great marina at the bottom of the mountains

Get ready to set sail to the heart of the Garavan district where you’ll find the magnificent Port of Garavan. With a whopping 770 berths, it’s one of the most significant ports on the Côte d’Azur.

Menton Garavan harbor : 889 Prom. de la Mer, 06500 Menton, tél: +33 (0)4 92 01 07 30

What’s unique about this port is that it marks the start or end of France, placing it at a crossroads between France and Italy both by land and by sea. The port’s edge lies in a residential area and provides boaters with stunning picture-perfect views. If you’re a boating enthusiast looking for a complete service, this is the port for you. Plus, it’s located only 700 meters from the Italian border and less than 2 km from the town center. And, thanks to its advantageous location, it serves as a convenient departure point for Corsica, Sardinia, or Sicily.

Stop over at the Port of Garavan

Set sail for adventure and discover the Port of Garavan, where you’ll find specialized nautical shops and delicious dining options. Don’t worry about lifting your vessel – just let the harbor master’s office take care of it with their launching crane for vessels up to 2 tons. For larger boats, the shipyard is ready to welcome you for boats up to 50 meters long. 

The Port of Garavan is the perfect stopover for yachtsmen seeking a calm and relaxing environment before hitting the open waters again. The port offers a range of quality services that are sure to make your stay enjoyable. Fresh water, electricity, wifi, and sanitary facilities are all readily available. 

Additionally, yachtsmen can take advantage of the ample parking, shipchandler, shipyard, and crane facilities. For those in need of provisions, the supermarket and catering options provide plenty of choices. And for those who need a little extra care, the pharmacy is close by. At the Port of Garavan, you’ll have everything you need right at your fingertips.

8-Marina Baie des Anges: A Modern Oasis of Luxury and Leisure in Villeneuve Loubet

Picture yourself in a beautiful marina situated in the heart of the stunning Marina Baie des Anges, a UNESCO-recognized architectural gem. 

Marina Baie des Anges : Bureau du Port, Rue de la Jetée, 06270 Villeneuve-Loubet, tel: +33 (0)4 65 00 00 40

This magical location is the perfect destination for those seeking a summer vacation or a thrilling boating adventure. Conveniently situated near the Nice Côte d’Azur International Airport and the Villeneuve-Loubet plage train station, the marina is easily accessible. 

Pick a berth in the marina of the Baie des Anges

Sustainability is a top priority for this marina, which has been Blue Flag rated for over a decade. Boaters will enjoy top-notch facilities and services: Bleumer’s boatyard, fuel station, electricity and fresh water, sanitary facilities, a laundry as well as a shipchandler for decking, all under 24-hour surveillance. Rates vary but are competitive with other marinas on the French Riviera.

With an impressive 515 berths available, you’re sure to find the perfect spot for your yacht. Don’t worry about size restrictions: the maximum length allowed is 30 meters, with a width of 5 meters.

The port also offers a spa complex with a swimming pool, Jacuzzi and steam room. There is also a supermarket, restaurants, laundry and nautical stores and services

9-Marina of Beaulieu-sur-Mer : the perfect place for a summer retreat

Nestled between the vibrant city of Nice and the luxurious Monaco, the picturesque coastal village of Beaulieu sur Mer and its area is also referred to as Belluogo in Italian. It’s a haven for those seeking a Mediterranean summer retreat, with the famous Villa Kerylos drawing in its fair share of sophisticated visitors. 

Port de Beaulieu: Boulevard General Leclerc, 06310 Beaulieu-sur-Mer, tél: +33 (0)4 9301 1049, email:

With only 17 km separating it from the Nice-Côte d’Azur International Airport and a conveniently located railway station just 1 km away, this charming port is easily accessible to visitors from all over the world. Boasting a Monaco Marine shipyard with top-of-the-line travelifts and fixed cranes, a public careening area and slipway, as well as a fuel station, Beaulieu-sur-Mer is the perfect destination for sailing enthusiasts.

Our tips : Relax on the pristine beaches of La Baie des Fourmis and La Petite Afrique, where ivory sands and emerald green waters await. 

Pick a berth in the port of Beaulieu-sur-mer

With 723 berths on offer, 150 of which are for passage, the harbor can accommodate boats up to 40 meters in length, so you’ll have plenty of space to settle in and explore the charming town of Beaulieu. 

This marina has everything you could need, from freshwater and shore power to an on-site fuel station. If repairs are necessary, the marina has a travelift, mobile crane, and slip to take care of everything. And don’t forget about the yacht club – there’s always someone to chat with there. 

But that’s not all it has to offer. With a diverse range of shops, supermarkets, restaurants, bars and several beaches with Beach Clubs, this port has something for everyone

Book a boat slip at Beaulieu-sur-mer with Navily here.

10-Port of Cassis: A Provencal Marina 

The charming fishing port of Cassis is located between the stunning golden cliffs of Cap Canaille and the majestic white Calanques. It embodies the relaxed way of life that characterizes Provence. You can explore the vibrant and colorful quaysides and the narrow alleys of the old town center, making delicious gourmet discoveries along the way. The basin is protected by the Quai des Moulin and bordered by a row of picturesque fishermen’s houses, creating one of the most breathtaking ports in the Mediterranean. 

Cassis marina : Quai des Moulins, 13260 Cassis, tél: +33 (0)4 42 18 35 90 

Book a berth in Cassis marina

The welcoming reception staff is there to help you with navigation and make sure you have all you need for a smooth arrival from the time you enter the starboard door. A filling station offers a variety of fuel choices, including tax-free fuel choices for business people. Following a day on the water, stop by the Yacht Club de Cassis Club House-Restaurant for a wonderful supper and breathtaking port views.

Cassis marina provides anchoring in the port for boats from 4 to 25 meters, as well as 396 permanent pontoon places throughout the year and an extra 100 floating pontoon places during the summer. Pitches are managed every day. You must call in the morning starting at 6am to get on the list for the day in order to reserve a pitch.


All-in-all, the South of France has a lot to offer those looking for incredible marinas to explore. Whether you need a well-stocked marina with modern amenities or a more secluded spot where you can get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, there is sure to be something that meets your needs in this region. So if you’re planning an adventure along the French Riviera and need a place to dock your yacht, consider stopping at one of these amazing marinas. What’s more, each one provides access to some of the most beautiful scenery, mouthwatering cuisine, and vibrant nightlife in all of Europe – setting you up perfectly for an unforgettable voyage down the Mediterranean coast.